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From humble beginnings to a 100% employee owned business, learn how it all got started.

Jensen Builders Ltd History
Jensen Builders Ltd Des Moines Office
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Dale Jensen was born to Duane and Dorothy Jensen in 1957. He is the second youngest of five children. Dale grew up and attended school in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Dale's father was employed as a truck driver at Fort Dodge By-Products until he took a leap of faith and decided to buy his own dump truck and become self-employed. Dale's mother was employed for almost 30 years at Fareway Grocery before retiring. Dale attributes his work ethic, loyalty, and dependability to his parents and the examples they set forth during his upbringing.
Dale knew at a young age that he did not enjoy sitting in a classroom. He had a lot of energy and enjoyed working with his hands, which led him to start his first job in construction as a concrete laborer at just 17 years old. Within 2 years he worked his way up to become a concrete foreman. After a short period, Dale's enthusiasm in construction guided him to begin working with steel buildings.
On March 3, 1983, Dale Jensen decided to follow in his father's footsteps and become an entrepreneur with the support of his wife, Terri. He started his own construction company at the young age of 25 years old in Fort Dodge, Iowa. With a wife and daughter to support, he decided it was time to take a chance. He ran his business out of his garage with just a few employees. His company began performing small concrete jobs, then eventually grew into steel buildings and carpentry, etc. over the years. As the business grew, his wife, Terri, quit her job to help open an office for the growing company and handle the day-to-day phone calls, payroll, billings, etc., so Dale could be out working on the crew. As years went on, Jensen Builders, Ltd. became a true family owned and operated company.

Soon after graduating high school, Dale's daughter began working at the
family-owned company, as well as her husband. Both remain employed here today over two decades later.
Fast forward 40 years later, Jensen Builders Ltd. employs over 200 of the finest, most hard-working individuals in the construction industry. The corporate office is located in Dale's hometown of Fort Dodge, Iowa and a second location is located in Des Moines, IA.
Our services now include concrete construction, pre-engineered metal buildings, ag buildings and grain bins, design-build architectural services, steel and precast erection, commercial construction, metal roof retrofit, as well as concrete pumping and telebelt services.
Jensen Builders, LTD. was family owned and operated for almost 40 years. Over the course of several years, the Jensen family had some serious conversations regarding the future of the company and what their long-term goals were. Their goals included continuing to provide a stable and secure workplace for all employees and their families, preserving the company's reputation and legacy for years to come, and creating a workplace where all employees feel motivated, valued, and appreciated. Therefore, on October 1st, 2022, Jensen Builders, LTD. became 100 % employee owned.
The Jensen family wanted to reward their employees for their hard work and dedication, and what better way than to begin an employee stock ownership plan. The Jensen family wanted to create a workplace for their employees that gives them a sense of ownership and pride. They wanted their employees to know that what they do for this company matters. This company started because of one family. The Jensen family. However, today it has grown to be something so much larger. The Jensen family is honored to work beside such deserving and hard-working individuals and is excited for what the future holds for
our employees.

Jensen Builders 40th Anniversary Logo
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